Информация о компании

OFS Svyazstroy-1 FOCC - one of the largest participants in the Russian telecommunications market. The factory works since 1999 and today provides a full cycle of events for the design, manufacture and supply of fiber optic cable (FOC) in the interests of mobile operators, gas, oil and energy sectors, and federal law enforcement agencies, broadband operators, etc.

We offer our customers high quality FOC, produced by the officially transferred and strictly controlled technology by «OFS, a Furukawa Company» according to strict international standards.

We manufacture cables for various applications:

  • for direct buried installation, either armored with steel wires or fiberglass rods;
  • For submarine and river crossings installation;
  • Armored with corrugated steel tape or with glass-yarns, for installation in cable ductwork;
  • For jetting in protective plastic ducts;
  • Suspended: dielectric self-supporting cable, cable with introduced supporting messenger and flat for FTTx networks;
  • For indoor installation and FTTh networks.

Our experts work closely with design institutes and free of charge provide support in the design of FOCL, selecting and calculating cable for a specific project providing information on installing and operating parameters. In addition, we have a full range of measurement tools to evaluate all the characteristics of products.

Our business is conducted, in all respects, in accordance with the strict ethical, professional and legal standards.

Our goal is to reduce the negative impact on the environment, including factors affecting climate change.

We have created a competitive and fair working environment where there is respect for each individual employee. Each employee is responsible for the fact that any contact with our customers reflects the professionalism, efficiency and fairness.

We constantly fight for providing high quality services and products at competitive prices.

With the help of quality control procedures, we supply only high quality fiber optic cable. This principle is non-negotiable.

Поставляем кабель в крупные города России и другие страны
  • Александров
  • Астрахань
  • Белгород
  • Волгоград
  • Воронеж
  • Грозный
  • Екатеринбург
  • Иваново
  • Кисловодск
  • Краснодар
  • Курск
  • Москва
  • Мурманск
  • Новосибирск
  • Орел
  • Пенза
  • Петропавловск
  • Ростов-на-Дону
  • Рязань
  • Санкт-Петербург
  • Саратов
  • Смоленск
  • Сочи
  • Ставрополь
  • Тамбов
  • Тула
  • Тюмень
  • Уфа
  • Хабаровск
  • Челябинск
  • Южно-Сахалинск
  • Ярославль

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