25 March

Let’s GO! A New Plant For Fiber Optical Cables Opened In Voronezh

March 23rd, 2015 the authorized Ambassador of Japan to Russia Mr. Tikahito Harada and Governor of Voronezh Region Mr. Alexey Gordeyev attended the opening of a plant for the production of fiber-optic cable in the industrial park "Maslovsky"

About two years ago in the area was an open field, and today the production area of the new plant - more than 20 thousand square meters. Roughly, plant will produce more than 45 thousand kilometers of fiber optic cable per year. Within two years it is planned to increase the capacity up to 60 thousand kilometers.

This is sole company in Russia which, during manufacturing of fiber optic cables, uses OFS technology and products - the world leader in this industry. The Customers for the products of OFS Sviazstroy-1 FOCC are JSC "Rostelecom", mobile and fixed-line operators, broadband operators, telematics communication of oil and gas complex of Russia and CIS countries, as well as telecom operators for military forces. Goods of the plant is shipped abroad - in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Madagascar, South Africa, Ghana, Morocco and other countries. In 2015 Export will increase to 20%.

Mr. Vladislav Kalashnikov - General Director, held a detailed tour around the plant for visitors. Head of the region and the Japanese Ambassador to the Russian Federation examined fiber coloring lines, jacketing lines, warehouse and armoring line.
After seeing the production, Mr. Tikahito Harada noted that the Voronezh region has great potential to attract investment by Japanese companies.
Mr. Alexey Gordeev at the opening ceremony of the plant said that, despite the current difficult economic situation Voronezh region continue to open large modern high-tech enterprises.

The opening ceremony was attended by the leading Suppliers of materials for production, long-term Customers, large construction organizations, partners and friends of our company. For all visitors, without any exception, detailed tours around production lines were organized and prepared answers to all questions.

Thank you all for your support and participation in this important event for us.
We are ready to fulfill your orders.
Congratulations, Ladies & Gentlemen! With the opening of a new plant!.

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